Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Crafting--Part 1

In case you were wondering what the whole clan looks like, here is our family picture from this year.
 Now on to half of the the Christmas crafting (I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of the other half:)
First up: Clara's Christmas Eve pajamas. I don't really do the whole holiday theme/color scheme because these are the pjs the wear all year round. I usually try and pick something that I think they will really like or a favorite color.  This year I found 3/4 of a yard of this adorably cute flannel in the remnant bin at JoAnn's. I snatched it up, planning on adding to it for a nightgown. I was just going to add white flannel where needed to make a full nightgown. I figured that way the cute fabric would really stand out...and I was trying to keep my purchases to a minimum.
But last minute I changed my plans and made pajama pants instead. The reason was that Sophia got these cool fabric markers and I kind of wanted to try them out. I just used a plain t-shirt for the top.
Bright Fabric Markers
There wasn't quite enough fabric to get a full length of pants out of it, so I added the pink onto the bottom as well as the ric-rac for a little touch.
Don't mind the early Christmas morning 'I didn't brush' my hair look and focus on the cute fox I drew. The fabric markers were easy to use and so far have made it through one washing. I'd give them 2 thumbs up...we have lots of projects in mind for these.
And yes, she really really likes these pajamas.
 Every year I give my kids an ornament. Eventually when they go off and get married or move out on there own where they put up a Christmas tree, they'll get their box of ornaments. Some years they have some memory attached to them. If we take a family trip I usually try to find an ornament for that year then (score because the trips are usually in the summer and the ornaments are super cheap then). We have Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Promontory Point and Panama City beach represented. Some years I just grab the cute cheap ones from Target (we are partial to birds and some years they've had some good ones). Other years I make them.  That's what I ended up doing for this year...we didn't take any big trips and the store ones were kind of disappointing this year.
The girls got the little matryoshka dolls and the boys got the snowflake looking ones.
They are all made from wool felt and I kind of like how they turned out.


  1. Great family picture!! And your ornaments are fantastic....Can't wait to see more fabric painted projects coming our way :).

  2. How fun to see your whole family!!! Sounds like you had a merry Christmas. Your hand made Christmas items are awesome; i am on a bit of a woodland animal kick right now :). Your ornaments turned out beautifully and i love your annual ornament tradition! Happy New Year Sally!



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