Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Crafting Part 2--Infinity Scarves

This year I even gifted myself something homemade.  I tried my hand at making an infinity scarf, following this tutorial.  REALLY easy and well worn, by both of us. Sophia got another one that is a black and white, kind of paisley like print as well. My boys laugh at me because I wear my scarf all of the time now (I'm thinking I need to make myself some more), but I remembered how much I really like wearing a scarf at all times. When I lived in Germany, I got into the habit and kept it up for a couple of years after I returned, then I just got out of the habit. I'm really liking it right now, especially with single digit temperatures in our neck of the wood right now. Both of these knits are from JoAnn's. 

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