Monday, August 4, 2014

Deliah Top for Ladies Blog Tour

I had the lovely opportunity to sew something for myself and be a part of the Deliah Top Blog Tour.  It's a pattern sold by Golden Rippy and it's not only easy and fast to make, but it is a WINNER. How do I know that? Well not only did all 4 of my kids compliment me on it, but my husband came home and said what a nice top it was too.  That's on top of the fact that it is SUPER comfortable and super flattering.
The Deliah Top comes with great detailed instructions, including a printing guide, 2 sleeve options, embellishment options and goes from XXS to XL. Oh and it's meant to be made out of knit (I got mine from JoAnn's), and if you are new to knit, this would be a great pattern to learn to sew with it.
I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, so this top even seems a little fancy to me. Both the arms and the bottom hems are banded, making for a little more flattering fit. I chose the short sleeve option and then kept it simple without adding the embellishments. I was actually going to add some sort of embellishment using just the circle from the flower pattern included, but realized when I held it up to the shirt that with the business of the print you couldn't even see the embellishment.  Maybe if I stumble across a good contrasting fabric I'll still add.
Like I said though, even without the embellishments, I felt kind of fancy in the Deliah Top. Not only will it go well with jeans, but I could easily wear it with a skirt as well. Just to let you know how much I love it, I already have another one cut out and ready to sew!
So if I've convinced you that just need to get this pattern, Golden Rippy is having a give away:

And here are some gratuitous dragon fly pictures...this little guy was flying around while my son took some pictures of me (hence the faint blurriness). 


  1. I agree....very versatile {with jeans, skirts, etc.}. I love how each one of your family gave you compliments on it - yes, a winner!!



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