Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sis Boom's Ethan Shirt Flipped

The lovely ladies over at Frances Suzanne are doing their FLIP series again and this month was for a pattern that I've been eyeing for some time.
So with the incentive of a discount code, I bought myself the pattern, Ethan Shirt for Boys by Sis Boom and...
flipped it into something much more girly.
Here is my FLIP of the Ethan Shirt...a collared tunic in a mix of fabrics.
The blue is poplin, with red with white polka dots cotton woven for the pocket and inside the collar stand and then a very soft, cherry printed knit for the tunic skirt and sleeves. The buttons are these really cool vintage ones from my stash.
As for the changes, I made the bodice by the pattern, chopping it off at the chest, just below the pocket placement.
I rounded off the collar, to make it a little more feminine and added some red stitching around the edge before attaching it, for some contrast.
I cut the inside of the collar stand out of some contrasting fabric as well for a fun pop of color.
The big change was adding the 'skirt' and making it tunic length. I made the skirt all one piece and over lapped it in the back. To do this I measured the front and back width, adding the back width in again to get the overlap. Then before I attached it I lettuce ruffled the edge of the knit in red thread and rounded the back corners.
The sleeves are out of the knit as well. I used the sleeve pattern piece and just cut them the length I wanted and lettuce ruffled the edge in red thread. I had originally planned on making a cuff at the upper arm out of the blue and the red, but I just didn't like the way it busy for a comfy tunic.
This was the first time I sewed a Sis Boom pattern and I was impressed with the way it was written and how the shirt came together. The pattern had some new to me techniques/way of doing things, which was a fun change of pace and I learned something new.
I love how the tunic turned out and Clara loves how comfortable it is. It's perfect to wear with shorts and will be great to wear with leggings in the winter.


  1. So cute!! You are so very talented!

  2. It's a great pattern, for boys and girls and going up to size 14 you should be able to get a lot of use out of it. Clever changes you made on this one.

  3. Very pretty! Love the tunic idea and knit fabric too. Great job!

  4. NICE!! Love the lettuce edging AND vintage buttons!! It DOES look comfortable and great for an active child...

  5. I LOVE your changes!! I have always been a chicken to mix wovens and knits, but you totally did it and it looks great!

  6. The tunic sure does look comfy. Love the colours and the fabrics combo.



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