Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Take on the Circle Skirt

Remember these beauties?  Well I finally committed them to another project.  I've so loved the curtains, but haven't been able to bring myself to turn them into anything else.  You see, I hated to have to cut them up and all of the potential ideas involved cutting.  How could I cut something so beautiful and in the act of cutting, render them useless for the purpose they were designed?  Well I did it.  I just needed a push.  I decided to play along with this season of Project Run and Play and thought they would make a pretty skirt for the remake of the circle skirt.  While the white slip underneath is essentially just the skirt, the vintage hankies required some additional geometry to get it right and I gathered them a little to give it some flounce (Clara loves saying "It's so flouncy.")
I've done a circle skirt a couple of different ways (here and here), but I must say this one was the easiest. I originally had grand plans of taking my remake far--making it into wide flowy pants, a maxi dress or some kind of top--but then decided that the genius of this pattern is it's simplicity.  Why make it hard?  Just make it beautiful!

Back View
For the bottom of the white part, I decided to just zig zag it as a finish and pull on it a little as I went.  This gave it a nice wavy finish.
And of course, it makes an excellent twirling skirt.


  1. Love twirling skirts! How fun to use the hankies for the top layer. I have fabric that I love to touch and look at but can't cut up! I'm getting a little better though.



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