Thursday, April 19, 2012

Project Run & Play: Sportswear

 Here's the outfit I created for this weeks Project Run and Play--Sportswear Week.  I started by giving the shorts pattern I created a trial run.  I had these 2 great fabrics (1st pair made from Giddy by Sandy Gervis for moda and the 2nd is Wild Thyme by Carolyn Gavin/Lilla Rogers Studio for P&B Textiles) and one little girl that needed shorts for the warm weather.  One of the things I challenged myself to do while 'playing' along was to learn some new things.  This time around I figured out how to add side pockets and I created the buttoned bow closure.  
The difference between the 2 shorts--Sophia said the 1st pair was a little too baggy so I streamlined it a bit more, which made it lose some of the gathered look around the legs (I was going for this look that I've seen in a ton of kids clothing lines), but it did make for a happier girl.  I had also made the pockets too small, so I adjusted that.  I had decided that the shorts were just a little bland, so I added the bow closure and bows on the bottom last minute.
 Close up of the button bow closure
 Another thing I figured out is how to make sure your pattern lines up(at least stripes)--when cutting fold lengthwise to get the doubled fabric needed to cut out your pattern pieces and do not fold widthwise (the way fabric is folded on the bolts).  Ta-da!  They lined up!
 Close up of the embroidery I did around the tunic top.  I did it in the colors that match both pairs of shorts.  I also added a yolk to the collar so that backside of the embroidery is enclosed.
 Tunic top created from tracing a favorite shirt of Sophia's.
 Another look at the embroidery...Sophia says the top is super comfortable.  I used a brown linen look a like that I actually found in the section of burlap.  It's got a wide weave and is actually super soft and washed well.
 Just a cute shot of her with the neighborhood roaming cat.

 Close up of shorts on Sophia.  She actually has a lot of coordinating t-shirts for these 2 shorts and the top will go well with her jean shorts and a couple of skirts.
Now she is ready to head out and put her sportswear to use.


  1. I really like the bow closure!

  2. I LOVE this! It is so cute. The bow closure and the embroidered top. Fantastic!



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