Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Project Run And Play Recap

I think I stuck pretty much to the original design.  I added the hat, last minute, which was a fun addition.  I didn't use bias strips for the sleeves or add the ruffles on to the bottom, because I didn't have enough.
Things used from stash: turquoise and purple fabric from my mom many years ago and soft brown wool from her as well
Only thing purchased for this look: 2 yards white muslin and the 'D' rings for the belt.  Total cost: Under $5.00

This is the one I think I stuck closest to the original design.  Plus I added a look for Clara.
This is probably the one that has been worn the most too.
Things used from stash: red and white polka dot fabric and striped seersucker from my mom, button's on coat from my collection
Things purchased for this outfit:  striped shirt from Goodwill (turned into cardigan), white bottom weight fabric from Joann's, gold buttons from Joann's  polka dot and striped fabric for headbands
Total cost: $12

This was by far the hardest and most frustrating week. But it turned out close to what we had come up with and she likes it.
From stash: batting for the jacket lining, Jacquard fabric dye
Things purchased: white sheet from Goodwill, yellow buttons and zipper from Joann's and a daisy stamp from Joann's for the stamping
Total cost: $10

This one was a lot of fun, because I never sew for my boys.  He's even worn it a few times.
From stash: white bottom weight (from week 2), buttons, duck cloth (for number in back) and patch
Things purchased: knit shirt from Goodwill
Total cost: $1

The only week I planned on doing 2 outfits.  Again, I think I stayed close to the designs, but love the changes I made.  I really love Clara's shirt and Sophia's skirt.
Things from stash: shirt used for Clara's shirt, embroidered fabric purchased a while ago on clearance
Things purchased: maroon fabric, buttons on Clara's shirt, and zipper(x2 if you count the metallic zipper I tried out but didn't like) for Sophia's skirt from Joann's
Total cost for both: $8 

Check out both posts here and here. This is another week I decided to add a look for Clara last minute.  These were another set of outfits that I had a lot of fun making.  I dropped the tweed riding coat because Sophia said she wouldn't really wear it.  I didn't really want to spend a lot of time making it after she said that.  Instead I added a little sweater vest.
Things from stash: sweater I cut up for the vest for Sophia's look and 2 shirts for Clara's look
Things purchased: yarn for scarf, horse buttons, yellow fabric for scarf, yellow accent fabric and buttons for shirt from Joann's, fabric for Sophia's shirt on clearance from a fabric shop in Gettysburg, PA, men's corduroy pants from Goodwill used to make Sophia's pants and a scrap for Clara's belt
Total cost for both looks: $15

That's 9 outfits for just over $50!!!  I think that is pretty good and I stuck to my budget for playing along.  The key was using what I had, finding stuff at Goodwill and using the coupons for Joann's. (Oh and I like to raid my mom's stash when I visit, so that helps too:)
Also, I think re-purposing something makes a huge difference in cost (for example the men's corduroy pants only cost me $3, but to buy enough fabric for pants was going to cost me $12 and it wasn't even what I wanted).  The only week I didn't take some article of clothing (or sheet) and turn it in to something else, was week one.

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  1. I loooove your sketches. You're so artistic. And of course your sewing skills are stellar!



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