Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stripes and Dots--PR&P Week 2

This weeks thing over at Project Run and Play was Stripes and Polka Dots--2 of my favorite patterns, so I had a lot of fun thinking up ideas for this one.  The first that came to mind was the nautical theme, but I've already done that. Then I found this great graded striped fabric.  It actually came in a bunch of colors and I had a hard time picking which one.  I went with the pink/raspberry.
 Here it is, my summery tunic and shorts winterized with tights.
 Originally, I was going to do a skirt, but Sophia had enough skirts, so I decided to try and get a pair of shorts out of 2/3 yards of fabric since I had bought that much with a skirt in mind.  Now I just needed the dots.
 Walking around JoAnn's I found this grey Swiss dot in the red tag section which was 50% off that day. 
 Add a little aqua accents on the shirt and I've got a complete look.  Except...
 It's winter and a little cold, so tights were needed.  I decided to try and make my own dot tights.  I used the eraser of a pencil and some teal Jacquard fabric dye.  Then I set it with a hair dryer.  Worked like a charm and I had tights to go with the outfit.
Here's the run down of how they were made, I really liked how this outfit turned out.
The shirt is self drafted off of another one of Sophia's.
  I used the aqua fabric for the yolk, but decided to put the yolk on the outside for a little pop of color.

I made the sleeves 3/4 length and used the aqua for the tab.
And finally, I made a little thing on each side to cinch it up and give it a little variety from your straight tunic.
The shorts are made from a Burda Kids 9500 pants pattern, that I just shortened.  Fitting it out of the 2/3 yard fabric was a challenge, but I like the effect that resulted in having the stripes going different directions.
Finally, a look at the tights.  I wasn't sure how they would turn out or if it would even work, but it did.

(A picture just so I have something to crop for PR&P)
 Sorry about the pictures.  It was another grey day with not much sunshine.  Plus I think my camera is on the way out.  Not great news...


  1. that stripe fabric is so fun, I'm loving shorts and tights right now ;o)

  2. That's a cute outfit! I love the details...the tabs on the sleeves, the ruching on the sides of the top, and the stripes going in different directions on the shorts.

  3. So, when are you going to teach us how to do that ruching/cinching trick??? Awesome concept!! So glad you pulled it off this week :).

  4. Cute outfit and great color combo!! I always love the detail you put into your outfits like the sleeve tabs and the side cinchers!! I need to finish the quilts I have going so I can make some kid clothes!!

  5. I just loved the "home made" tights. What a great idea!

  6. Cute outfit! Your shirt has so much details...I bought that same fabric (because I could not resist 50% off...), but I will not able be turn it into a shirt like that! And great idea on adding dots to the tights yourself!

  7. Very cute outfit! I love the shorts and the pattern of the fabric you found.

    Sorry to hear about your camera...that is no good. :(

  8. Thank you all for the kind comments. How about a tutorial for the side cinching/rutching look on the shirt next week since I don't think I'm doing anything for boys week.

  9. Love the shorts and the homemade tights but that tunic is my favorite piece---I want one for myself.

  10. I love that you did those rights yourself. So smart!

  11. Love the outfit! I really want that shirt. :)



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