Monday, February 25, 2013

Sowing While You Sew--Continuation of Week 6

Daisy Chain Creations
(If you are new to the series you might want to check out the intro or the other weeks)

Today another guest poster sharing a quilt they did with their daughter.  This time it is from Justine, the amazing talent from over at Sew Country Chick.  You should check out some of the clothes that she sews.  The thing that caught my attention when I first saw her blog was that she sews amazingly fashionable clothes for her older children as well.  That's also why I asked her to contribute.  Without further ado:

Hello Daisy Chain Creations Readers! I'm Justine from the Sew Country Chick Blog and happy to be sharing a kids' sewing project with you today.
I'm sharing my daughter Lily's favorite sewing project with you, a quilt we made for the County Fair when she was eight years old. Lily wanted to make a project to enter into the Ventura County Fair so I trolled around the internet to some of my favorite sewing sites and I found a tutorial for an easy picnic quilt with rock pockets on the  at Sew mama sew.
 I myself, had never made a quilt before so this was a learning experience for me as well.  I prefer making clothing..... but this proved to be the perfect project to make with my then 8 year old daughter and her best friend who helped with the quilting, I cut out all the fabrics for Lily's quilt. Lily really balked at the thought of cutting out so many squares, 16 in all. Whatever it takes to get them interested, right?
A simple quilt like this is an easy project to make with kids. They only have to sew straight lines.
The back of the quilt was simple. It was just a plain sheet with pockets to hold rocks on the corners. The girls enjoyed the quilting process and chatted while they knotted the squares on the quilt. It was a regular old fashioned, quilting bee I'd say!                                                                                                              
Lily was so excited to receive her ribbon!
Thanks Justine and your lovely helpers.  What a great idea for a picnic blanket with pockets for rocks!

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