Thursday, January 12, 2012

December Crafting

I did a fair amount of crafting in December. Actually, I was pretty proud of myself. Because we had visitors coming, I had resolved to have all of my crafting done before they got here (no separate craft room=planning ahead). This resulted in not having any last minute, stay up late on Christmas Eve projects to do. It was nice. I should do it more often. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at taking pictures. Here's what I have.

Gifts for teachers, friends, etc were these. I got the idea here and it was a fun project. I used an old German hymn book (Phil couldn't believe I would use that, but we had 3 of the old ones laying around collecting dust, so I figured why not). I also made them even smaller by cutting the size she used in half once more. I also learned that the messier the tear, the neater it looked so I didn't make very defined creases when I made the rectangles. One other ornament project, that I have no pictures of that I did is this.

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of a finished ornament. This is as close as it gets. I did free hand the letter on and I used silver glitter instead. I just liked the way it looked with the black and white of the music.

The project that was the biggest hit this year was this Angry Birds pillow. Clara had seen one in a grocery store and wanted one really bad. I'm not one to buy into trends so put my foot down. The kids each make a present for their siblings and Ethan came up with this idea. I had a round pillow form laying around and all of the fabric as well. He drew it out the face and feathery things/tail (you can't see those in the picture, but there are little black fleece "feathers" stuck into the seam for the head feathers and tail feathers). I used his drawing as a pattern, cut out the pieces and zig zagged them on in black to make them stand out. She loves the pillows.
Other things made: 2 ultra cuddly fleece blankets for the girls, 2 big ultra cuddly fleece pillows for the boys and pajamas for the girls. I think that is about it. Kind of a low key crafting Christmas.

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