Friday, January 4, 2013

Top 12 of 2012

So I am still without a sewing machine and I only have one of my leg warmers done, that leaves me without much to post.  Instead I thought I'd do a little recap of 2012.  It was fun to look back and see all that I had made.  Here are the favorites.  The girls picked their top 3 and the rest I added.
May I present the TOP 12 of 2012
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Sophia's #1 pick
Jane Austen inspired 'Sprigged Muslin'--made for Project Run and Play Season 4

Clara's #1 pick
This was my take on a circle skirt again from Project Run and Play season 4.
This is one of those pieces of clothing that makes me smile when she wears it.  The vintage hankies were from my Grandmother. 

Sophia's #2 pick
This was my 60's inspired dress made for Sophia's Rock & Roll Read-a-thon.
It was fun to try and recreate something so iconic.

Clara's #2 pick
Baby Petunia was a present for Clara's 4th birthday.

Sophia's #3 pick
Another outfit from Project Run and Play season 4, it was made from fabric brought back from Africa by my husband

Clara's #3 pick
She picked her Christmas outfit, especially her wool coat with the muff, but I'll say the wool coats for both count.

Yet another outfit from Project Run and Play season 4, my take on sportswear, which then I used for my first guest post and tutorial.

This was the first time I really mass produced anything.  I made 30 of these hoods for the high school marching band, which my son is a member of.  They went on to have an amazing season, winning state, regional, and doing really well in national's.

This was a non sewing/non crafting creation, but a creation none the less, our garden.  Here's a comical tomato that we picked.

    Another outfit that just makes me smile when I see it worn.  I love how these pjs turned out!

This outfit was for Heidi's Knock It Off series. Since this was a personal request to participate and not something I volunteered to do, I felt very flattered to be asked.  I was in very talented company, so you should check out what everyone else did for the series.

Finally, the entire 5th season for Project Run and Play
Clicking on the picture will take you to my recap of the season, which then links to each individual post about each outfit.
Playing along with this season was a lot of fun and I learned a lot.  Each week I taught myself something new and I really felt that I grew as a seamstress.  I felt I also grew as a photographer, challenging myself to learn more about taking pictures. I also got to do another tutorial over at Project Run and Play, based on the skirt from the Holiday week.
My favorite was the signature look that I made for Sophia--corduroy pants, fitted button up shirt with lots of detail in greens and yellows and a scarf...I really wanted this outfit in my size!  I think that outfit and Clara's wool coat tie for my favorite things made in 2012.


  1. The coats are truly inspirational. Excellent work

  2. LOVE how you included your daughters on this each a say in what they perceived the best of 2012 to be (and it looks like they chose well).



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